Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Forest

 It's just a long planting of marigolds. But to this little guy, it's a forest!

The weather has been swinging back into warmer temperatures.  It makes it easier to go down to the garden and resume the old watering routine.  As I began watering, I noticed movement in the marigolds and found this baby lizard.  He was perched lengthwise along a marigold flower with his head peaking up and watching insects flit around.  I crouched down and looked at his world from his vantage point and was inspired to one day paint a marigold forest.

 This shot especially reminds me of Japanese landscape paintings with their idealized mountains.  These marigolds create that same appearance of mountains.  How fun it will be to paint it!

For now, I can just muster the energy to carry out my responsibilities without adding a painting to the mix.  I envy those who have been able to rally themselves and do all they usually do along with canning their garden's bounty.  This year I had honest intentions of teaching myself to can, but alas, it wasn't meant to be this year!  Maybe next year I'll be more mentally prepared for the new venture!

 As the weather cools, I decided I will try to save my pepper plants by potting them up and bring them indoors with us.  This one is an Anaheim Pepper.  The beetles chewed it up, so it looks a little worse for wear!

A couple other peppers need transplanting before frost hits.  Until then, I've already brought in a parsley and thyme plant in case they don't survive the winter.

Things sure seem to be slowing down, including me!


  1. I know what you mean by slowing down. This time if year, I an ready for the fall clean up to be done and start my winter projects. Love that lizard. Reminded me of growing up in Florida, but then those lizards are much smaller.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. You have undertaken a huge project with your garden; canning is hot and time consuming. I can jams, etc to spice up our family reunions. Some of my fondest food memories are of the corn, peaches and berries that my mother froze. We have a small freezer that allows enough space to toss in random packs of green beans, broccoli, lots of lemon juice, etc. A freezer is great for those of us living far from Fry's. Love your blogs. Nancy