Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Storm of the Season

This has been an interesting past few days!  As we began school Monday morning, we were already hearing thunder rumbling through the mountains.

Once I got the kids doing some independent school work, I took some pictures of the incoming clouds.

This one is right next to our solar array, looking straight up.  I thought it was beautiful.

I come back into the house and find the boys snacking while Weston finishes up his independent work.

We brought in a few more Americana eggs before the storm starts.

The clouds start looking really serious now and it becomes difficult to stay focused on class.  The wind shakes the house as it drives the rain against the doors and windows.

It finally passes after a few minutes and I think it's all over for the day...

...but, wasn't over.  And it wasn't over until very late Tuesday.  It rained all night, the wind blew hard and temps went way down.

Tuesday wasn't much different except that we didn't see the sunrise!  It was foggy!  Not too unusual for being just over 5,000 feet in elevation.

Again, it was not easy focusing on class work.  The weather was just as wild as Monday's.  We had to mop up water that had blown in through the small spaces by the door.  We even lit a fire for the first time this season.  It was cold!  We must have fared well since I understand somewhere in Phoenix they had a tornado!?!  Bad winds anyway!

To keep things fun and interesting in class, we played 'sight word bingo.'  Cody, my sweet little four year old boy wanted to play too.  So I set him up with his own bingo card and chips.  He was finding almost every one of the sight words all by himself!  He loved it!  He won twice too!!!

I was able to get out Wednesday to take care of a neighbor's place.

I wanted to post on Monday and Tuesday, but the storm brought too much lightning too close to us.  Then on Wednesday the internet was too wacky to accomplish anything.  Looks like it's finally worked itself out.  It looks like Autumn has come with quite an introduction.  Still hoping for a milder winter this year.....

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  1. Beautiful pics of the storm. We flew out before it hit but returned to tons of debris at our condo. Neighbors experienced broken windows and a few frightening minutes Tues.

    Thank you for your warm wishes for our trip. We will be away again visiting our 91 & 93 year-old moms. Will look forward to catching up with your activities upon our return.

    Wishing you a joyful October.