Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Garden

After a beautiful, gentle rain, I had to get outside.  I went out to visit the garden and couldn't believe my eyes.  It was actually quite beautiful.  There can be no argument, Autumn is a beautiful season.

Come take a look...

The air is fresh and crisp...

Doesn't this make you want to slow down and take a deep refreshing breath?
Go ahead, I know you want to...
Maybe you need to, just like I have been needing long deep breaths myself.
Oops, made myself yawn... :0D

By this time I'm feeling refreshed and inspired.  I remember last year.  This time last year was cold and the garden was long since retired.  But this year, these cosmos flowers have only now come into their own.

I couldn't help but rescue this tomato from off the vine because I knew the forecast called for more rain.  This could mean frosty temps, so I didn't want it left out in the cold!

It's almost hard to believe the garden is retiring...

These flowers look so ethereal.

There's something so idyllic about this view... so pretty.

Well, the garden is retiring.  Here's the proof.

At least there's enough seed for next year!
  Seeds for more ideas, and more plants!


  1. Taso, your garden is still so lovely. You have a beautiful place there. You are very blessed. Enjoy your weekend and that tomato.

  2. Fantastic flowers . . .and tomato. Looks like we had a recent downpour at Badboulder also and arrived to find plants looking surprisingly good for October 25. Love your posts.

  3. Loved that tomato! It was yummy! Thank you Lorie!

    Glad you came home to good looking plants, badboulder!

    Even the cattle ranchers in our area are very happy with the weather because their cattle are still foraging off the land without supplemental hay, even though it's late October! Amazing weather! Y'all enjoy now y'hear?!