Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Little of This A Little of That

Since the weather is teasing us with warm days, it's prompted a mix of activities.  On top of which, we are house and cat sitting for a neighbor.  And as neighbors go they are about 14 miles of dirt road from where we are at home!  How's that for a 'neighbor?!' 

Not only is it dirt road, as all our roads are, but there are some pretty hilly, rough and rocky sections that make it hard for road maintenance.  So, maintenance usually doesn't happen.  It's a really good thing having 4 wheel drive!  But here, it's all in a day's work.  You just accept it as normal.

While driving to my neighbor's house, I took a picture of this scene.  It's only a portion of my 'backyard.'  It's our very own mini-grand canyon!  Only a couple of the ranchers out here know the only real (best) way to cross this canyon.

You just can't beat this southwestern-style vista!

On the way home, my steely-eyed six year old saw these foraging javelina out in a clearing.

Back home, I dug up the old zinnias saving most of the seed-heads.

Then I planted garlic in the raised bed.  We'll see what happens.

One of my other little projects has involved the herbs I'd hung to dry.

While separating the herbs from their dry stems, the aroma was delightfully strong and pungent!  Maybe that's what I'll do for little Christmas gifts, homemade herbal sachets...

Hopefully the weather will hold out for awhile, this has been nice compared to last year!

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