Friday, February 17, 2012

Back on Track

After taking a much needed hiatus, I am now sensing a growing inspiration that I want to share.  As time marches on, we take baby steps toward our dreams.  For the last several months, our baby steps slowed to the relevant speed of "stop."  However subtle movement not worth talking about, much less inspiring, were taking place.

You see, when you are taking raw land and begin transforming the land to accommodate your dreams, drastic measures must take place.  In order to clear useful space for growing our own food, we needed to acquire some equipment for the task.

Behold....the Bulldozer!

When precious little money is the major factor for obtaining anything worth working for, we all find ourselves stalled out.  When funds put a damper on everything, creative measures help move us forward.  Time seems to be the sunlight, and our watering is what nudges us forward.  With time, we took the opportunity to think.  With our watering, we took unique steps, such as selling our diesel pick up truck.  With the benevolence of an acquaintance, he enabled us to pay for the bulldozer with the funds we got from the truck.  Along with a little horsetrading (Miracle Worker's amazing skill), the dream started moving forward again.

Now, I am willing, and able, to dare to dream again.  Garden designs are swirling around in my mind.  Visions of garlic fields are dancing in my head.  It's the garlic we are hoping will be our eventual livelihood.  In fact, it's the land that we hope will take care of us for the rest of our lives.  We hope it will be our own version of a 401K.

This past week is when things started looking good, visually speaking.  Land is being opened up which used to be clogged with scrub oak.

I'm feeling good.

Now I can breathe again.....

I want to thank the Dandelion House, Corn in My Coffee Pot, Lazy J Bar C Farm, and Abundantly Blessed Momma, for remembering me and wishing me well while I took all this time to nurture my inner creative.  You are responsible for making it easier on me to return to blogging!  Thank you for being real.  Consider these flowers yours....