Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There is hardly a dull moment around here.  Just when you think you've gained some semblance of sanity, nature steps in to remind you that you haven't got it all figured out!

Case in point...
Dogs and cats living together....!
Oh, wait, that's already happening...!

But here's one you may not have expected...

The kittens saw the chickens feverishly pecking around and decided they wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  Discovering the free hand-out they decided they wanted their fair share of the chicken feed...
They hunkered down on top of the chicken feed, wouldn't move, and ate what they weren't sitting on, saving the rest for later, I guess.
I suspect with the colder weather, that the mice are becoming harder to find.

As Ralph took these pictures, he thought it was a great example of what 'goes down' on the homestead.  Last year the goats would run over every morning after we fed the chickens and devour their feed before the hens had a chance to barely eat any.

So, the hens, having nothing left to eat, and seeing the cats eating their own food, they would dart in and out from the cats getting their fair share of cat-kibble.  And yes, that's a piece of grass in the kitten's mouth above!

It would seem then that we have come full circle here on our humble little homestead.

Dogs and cats eating each other's food.
Goats eating chicken feed.
Chickens eating cat food.
And now, cats eating chicken food!

What next?

I'm not sure I really want an answer to that....

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