Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Perhaps Fall hasn't officially come according to the calendar, but it has already come in reality.  I'm experiencing mixed feelings.  I don't want Summer to end quite yet, but I'm enjoying a little less heat during the day and the cooler nights.  Yesterday a sad, yet beautiful sight presented itself to me...

The former glory of the pumpkin plant is gone.  What is left behind is the fruit of it's labor.  Six pumpkins!

The much anticipated day has finally come and each child has chosen his favorite pumpkin for himself!  What glee!  The stuff of magic to a child!

Other proof that Fall has come is that school is in session now.

The joys of learning new things, opening our minds to new frontiers, finding new skills!  Oh yes, it sounds just like Autumn.

And, we are all reading more....

As the days become shorter, I've been bitten by the reading bug as well.  All the books I could be catching up on!

Still, there is proof that Summer hasn't completely tipped it's hat farewell....

Small pockets in the garden are still reminders of Summer, like these tomatoes, onions and basil.

A couple of tired tomato vines have given me more tomatoes!  Delicious!

Even the zinnias are looking tired, but this one is still so bright and cheery.

This zinnia looks the way I feel... reaching to take in as much of the dwindling summer sun as possible.  What a beautiful year.  I learned a lot.  I give thanks and praise to the One who made it all possible!


  1. What a wonderful post. Your pumpkins look amazing, but not near as adorable as those boys.

    I too am getting back into the homeschool routine. I do so miss those days of reading together on the sofa or the floor or better yet, out under a tree. Treasure those moments, as they grow so quickly.

    Our daughter began college this month and son is still at home with two more years of high school. We have been schooling for 19 years and I just can not believe how fast the time went.

    May your year be a blessed one.

  2. You are my hero! 19 years!? That is nothing short of a miracle. I may find myself asking you how you did High School! I wonder how I'm going to handle it. I discovered a website called Sonlight, and they have an amazing curriculum. I like what they offer so much, especially for HS, because I can't wait to read the books WITH my boys!!!! And YES, they do grow so fast! I'm already wondering where my babies went to!

  3. Just how many tomato plants did you have? Even with the attack of the bugs you sure did get a ton more tomatoes than me!

  4. Silly me thought I was planting only 6 tomatoes. I thought the other 6 I planted were bush beans (even though they looked and smelled suspiciously like tomatoes). Turns out I got 12 tomato plants in all. Then I got a few volunteers from last year's meager crop. Nope, I can't complain!!! Now what to do with all these tomatoes????