Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Been A While....

It's been a while since I've posted anything!  Ever since I got the coins rolled and the school supplies ordered, things got busy.

Quite a bit has happened, and the best way to illustrate that is to see it...  So, here are some of my favorite pics from the last two weeks or so....

This Palo Verde sets off the storm behind it beautifully.  August has been a good month for monsoon-type storms.  This one was the afternoon of the 16th.

This magnificent scene was on the other side of our mountain (our side) the same evening as the Palo Verde storm above.  A little change in locale, a little change in light, and a little change in cloud formations and voila, a whole new experience!

This was the very next evening!

About a week later, I had a chance to snap some shots of lightning!

Another one....!

Talk about lucky!  Another one!

This was a very active storm on the 27th, so it made getting some lightning shots a smidgen easier.  The patience it took to get these was worth it!  I love lightning and thunder!

Here are some changes in the garden in only two weeks...

This pumpkin pic was taken on August 15th.

The same two on August 30th!

August 14th...

And August 30th!

Besides the pumpkins being the most exciting to me, the cabbages are a source of eager anticipation.  They're beautiful.  I've never grown cabbage before, so I am holding great hopes for them.

Look at these colors!!!!!  Did I mention how beautiful they are!  Even better when they have something to contrast with.  Icy cool blue-greens with fiery-hot red oranges!  Nature is full of fine art.

I had to throw up some chicken wire, no not for you Miss Hen, but to protect my cabbage from the dogs!  I came out to the garden a couple of weeks ago to find a great big chomp mark in the middle of a newly forming head of cabbage!  OOOHHH!  I was mad!!!!

Other more welcome visitors to the garden included butterflies!

Doesn't he look like a King?  He's the biggest and most majestic to visit the garden!

Several lizards are welcome residents of the garden.

The Black Eyed Peas were yielding beautifully since around August 15th and started petering out just within the last week....

This is what they looked like yesterday.  The Zinnias are starting to flop in on top of the bare peas.

August 13th, near the end of the sunflower's glory...

...to setting seed, here on August 30th.

Now, for a sore subject, my tomatoes.  Since my last post on the eeevil beetles, I was gone for a couple of days, and couldn't tend the garden.  In those two days, the beetles ate up almost every tomato leaf there was.  Most tomato plants died.  Others are still hanging on for dear life.  I have, however, been able to harvest quite a bit of tomatoes rescued from struggling vines.

This basket you see here was filled with about six very full loads of tomatoes, so I guess I can't complain too much!

Since a tomato vacated this space, I plan on sowing lettuce seeds.  I'll try my luck and see what I get.

Until then, we are now into our second week of home school!

Despite working out some kinks, it looks like a promising year!!!

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