Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rollin', rollin', rollin',

...keep them wheels rollin'!  Actually, besides not finding time to unwind since I wrapped up school, I've been rollin' coins!  I had no idea we had so much!  And we haven't even put a dent in the pennies.  Those pesky pennies.

This is what I took to the bank.  Doesn't look like much does it?  Well, try putting it all into a plastic tote and then try to pick it up!  Ha! 

What I'm curious about now that I've done this, is what's the most in coins anyone of you have ever rolled before?  So curious!  Because not only was I surprised when I had only rolled half of these, but my hubby was shocked when I told him how much there was!  We even rediscovered a little more in a small box we had tucked out of the way, which we haven't rolled yet. 

So, can you guess how much is pictured above?  What's the most you ever rolled in your own loose change?  What did you get to do with your 'extra' cash?  Or, what do you do with your loose change instead?  I'm sure there will be some interesting stories just waiting to be told!

1 comment:

  1. One million dollars!!!! (must be said in the Dr. Evil voice in Austin Powers.)

    No? Hummm, $300?

    We don't keep change, we use it up with each shopping trip.