Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Pithiness

pith-y [pithee] superlative  adj.  brief and to the point: brief, yet forceful and to the point, often with an element of wit

As I was reading through my teacher's manual for the math curriculum at the beginning of the year, I noted that at the bottom of many pages there were included some short maxims or proverbs.  It said it was a collection of various wise and pithy sayings that deal with character.  I was not entirely sure what exactly 'pithy' really meant.  Well, my own education began before the boys'!  I have now added a new word to my vocabulary!

Today, one of those wise and pithy maxims sprang to my attention.  It said,

"There must be absolutes, else nothing can be known and no one can be trusted."

Now that sort of saying is right down my alley!  This cuts to the chase in any and all areas of life, work, and faith.  Most of us get caught up in day to day life.  We tend to forget that those absolutes have made it all possible.  And most of us do not even take the time to investigate these truths, we simply take them for granted.  Soon, we take everything for granted and before we even realize it, we are prone to taking a half-truth or even an outright lie for truth!  We have become inclined to something we don't even know is wrong!

My hairdresser of several years ago had a plaque which read, "If everyone is doing it, and it's wrong, it doesn't make it right.  If no one is doing it, and it's right, it doesn't make it wrong." 

The purpose of educating our children and ourselves is to know truth, is it not?  If truth is absolute (which it is), then we have nothing to lose (nothing to lose but our lack of knowlege) and nothing to fear if we investigate the truth!  No harm can be done if we search, seek, know and understand the facts/truth behind everything we know and believe in.  Not only do we become liberated, but we become more responsible.

"With great power, comes great responsibility." - Name that movie!  If we miss this boat, we miss out on the fullness of life, the chance to serve others.

So there you have it, your daily (perhaps yearly) dose of pithiness!!!!  My grandfather always said, "If you get an education, no one can take it away from you."

A popular figure recently said, "Only dead fish go with the flow."
So maybe with the new school year, we all would do well to set foot onto the road that leads to truth!
Oh the places we'll go, the places we'll see!

The truth shall set you free
John 8:32

Veritas Curat
(Truth Cures)

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