Friday, July 23, 2010


At last!  With hot sunny days, storms all around, but missing us, I began to imagine there was a conspiracy to keep us out of a refreshing rainstorm.  Around 2pm this was sweeping across the valley to the east of us.

As the front moved south, I caught the lighting with my camera!  What a lucky shot!

At this point the winds are whipping up dust, dirt and other debris, so I retreat into the house...

Lots of lightning, thunder, and rain!  It then began to clear....

...but then here comes yet another round!

What a treat!  And the mountain desert smells fresh, clean and delightfully pungent.

This is what we got yesterday.  No rain, but magnificent colors!

Gorgeous colors, fresh clean air, but no rain.  I guess it's making up for that today, because it's still storming outside tonight!

Now for the mystery plant...

This shot was taken two days later.  What do you think?  Those of you who have planted these in your garden, you probably already know what it is.  As for me, this is a first, so I didn't figure it out quite yet.  It came from our compost pile, otherwise, I never would have had any in the garden this year.

More clues to come!


  1. We had something similar to that growing in out backyard and they were some type of pumpkin, but I can't remember the name of them.

    Great pictures by the way

  2. We thought they were called Long Pie Pumpkins, but we were never really sure.

  3. My pumpkin plants trailed more than this is. I still think maybe Acorn Squash.