Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Innocent Little Project

We have a small garden this year based on the space that was available.  The animal's pens have always been in some state of 'temporary.'  Summer is here and we are taking advantage of that fact in order to move the animals to more spacious environs.  The bonus is that I will have a much larger garden next year.  So what sounds easy, really isn't.  You'd think that moving the animals is quick and easy enough.  But not when you get into the details!

We are moving the animals from here..... here...

Just several yards to the East of where they are now, but the space isn't large enough. 

So what needs to happen next, is to bring in the heavier equipment.  Thank God for equipment...or else this just wouldn't happen.

The Miracle Worker spends the 4th of July getting just a little dusty...heehee!!!  He clears the area with the Bobcat, then goes to work excavating...

...and scooping, spreading, and leveling...

And after a full day of work...

The space is well defined and ready for some tweeks.  We'll need to run water out to the area for the watering troughs before the animals are relocated.

On the 7th, another aspect of the project was to begin fencing the area to be the garden.  We need to keep cattle, rabbits, deer, javelina, etc, out of the garden.  After it is protected, we can then move the animals.

Today, we are still installing posts for the garden corners.  We aren't done yet! 

With Daddy's helper at the helm, the job will get done...eventually!

Here on the Homestead we start them early!  He really is digging!

All this for better, bigger spaces for the animals, and more of this...

It's so worth it!

As an added bonus this afternoon, we had a thunderstorm followed by a beautiful sunset.

Life up here is a beautiful thing.

So what starts out as an innocent little project really is more involved.  Everything takes more time, more effort, and more planning.  But that's perfectly alright when you look at the bonuses...such as freedom!  Freedom to dream our dreams and to make them come into being.


  1. A little dusty hunh? That was funny.

  2. I loves the pics and the boys pics especially. Cody is getting so big. Looks like he is a "tounge bender". Appears you are building up your little kingdom, Gods blessings be upon you both. Papa Lizird

  3. Ok! got your email and see again the blog,am I missing something in my myopicness?? Loves Papa Lizird

  4. "We should get a backhoe." - Rick