Sunday, July 18, 2010

Project Progress

"The Innocent Little Project" is not finished yet!  The saga continues.  Holes are dug, posts placed, and little workers go busily to work filling the holes.

The next day a T-Post which needs anchoring is tended to.  The Miracle Worker finds a way to anchor it without having anything but cable, a turn-buckle, wood, dirt and water.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

The day is drawing to a close with another spectacular display.  This time a partial rainbow!

And blazing color is the finale.

Sunday, the 11th, I started the morning quietly at 5:15 while the family still slept.  As I set out to my garden to water, I was greeted with this heavenly display.

As I get down to the garden, the golden sunlignt is just skimming the tops of the plants and the bees are already fast at work.

These sunflowers have already turned their heads to greet the rising sun.

These bees are intriguing.  Their eyes are whitish.  I have found large, medium, and small bees, and every size of bee has different styles and designs.  They're ALL different.  This one looks like he's got alien goggles on!

The following day, the Miracle Worker is also busy in the garden digging a hole for another corner T-Post.

Hole dug, post set, and busy little workers filling the hole.

A few days later the MW is back home from business errands, and drives his excavator back down to the T-Post to dig another hole to anchor it.  We have no wood or other materials in which to make conventional H-braces, etc. so he configures it another way through his infinite bag of tricks.  So, as I water my garden I watch him drive it down and marvel at the angle he's going!

Yesterday, with the hopes of a possible thunderstorm...

MW began setting up the first of the corral panels.

While I help hand him tools and parts, I can't help but find beauty right there at the new site for the animal's corrals....aaahhh, Arizona...

Hopes of a thunderstorm disipate right along with the the work must go on...

At the end of the day we have about half of the corral panels up.

Now with the hopes of going up to the house to start dinner, I turn and am greeted by the sight of my boy covered in sweat, dirt, and a big proud smile.  "Bath. NOW," comes to mind, setting the dinner plans back a little!

This morning, the Miracle Worker is back at what he does best, which is to put a little catch in my throat as he uses his equipment.  Before moving the rest of the corral panels, dirt and rocks must be pushed around first.

The animals were in a smaller space than usual last night and into the morning.  After a little more work...

...they are at least in their new location tonight.  Tomorrow they will have the biggest part of the corrals to themselves while the stud will go where you see the goats and llamas now.

And, since I can do dirty work too, I must remember my feminine side and throw in this pretty pink flower!  No, wait, 'fire pink', yeah, that's better...Fire Pink Zinnia!  Gotta have some beauty to celebrate!


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