Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This has been a productive Summer for me; gardening, painting, drawing, illustrating, sewing, reading, and planning the new curriculum.

The latest project was this apron!  I spent yesterday afternoon on it.  Pretty good for a novice I think.

I've had scraps of this fabric for ages, never knowing what I'd do with it.  So when the sewing bug bit, I realized it's destiny!

It's not finished yet, because I want to sew in two rings for an adjustable strap.

On second thought, I've rarely ever had good reason to wear my costume jewelry!

Good idea!
(Sometimes I really surprise myself!)

Linking up with White Wolf Summit Farmgirl whose sending out a call to Grab Your Aprons!


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  1. Cute apron! I love the jewel too! I've enjoyed your comments at my blog! It's also wonderful to see you blogging again.
    From what I can recall...it looks like you've made changes to your blog, background and header?
    Anyway... I like this set up. It all looks so wonderful! Pat

  2. I absolutely adore that material and I think the sparkly pin adds just the right touch of bling! :)

  3. Cute apron. I like the use of the pin. Thanks for stopping by my post. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers.

  4. I LOVE the apron and that gorgeous pin. WAY TO GO!!!

  5. I love the pin to hold the strap in place - so cute, and such a great purpose for jewelry that can be tough to style!