Monday, March 21, 2011

Summertime Dreams

We have so much to do.  But the weather isn't cooperating.  It's not easy to just sit back and accept a forced rest!  Especially on a Monday!

Early this morning.

It's Spring, dontcha know!  Which makes it so difficult to sit inside!  Things are getting ready to bloom!  Plants want to grow!

This spearmint begged me to take it home.  I didn't argue...

Now was as good a time as any to start collecting seeds! 

My onions, which have been living on the windowsill most of the winter, are getting ready to bloom!
I hope to collect the seeds!

I collected some garlic plants from the old garden, and a lettuce seed must have come with them.  Now I could have enough for a small salad!
Yep, Spring is here.

But you wouldn't know it by looking outside!

Here inside, the windowsill is producing a few Anaheim Peppers, and Bell Peppers!

The kids' science projects are sprouted and growing rapidly!

Our Home School Co-op in town is doing a project involving homemade instruments and the sounds energy can produce.  Plenty of noise, fun, and experimentation this morning!

Lot's of noise!!!

In the meantime, my MW is going crazy cooped-up indoors.  So much to do!  So on this rare occasion, he's enjoying his PJ's he got for Christmas!

It's perfect!  Remember the movie, "A Christmas Story"?  Well, MW shares a name with the main character, Ralph, or Ralphie!  It's a family favorite.

Until the weather clears, I'll have dreams of my gardens dancing in my head.
How many of you are going crazy like me?!  I know I'm not alone!
What are you doing to keep busy?

Time to finish up home school, and get started on making calzones!  Yum!

Happy Spring!

Here's one very excellent way to chase away the Winter time blues.  Come over and take a look at all the great Barn Hop #5 participants at the Homestead Revival!
You won't regret it!


  1. We got snow, too! I am SO sick of it, and going stir crazy. Here's hoping we are both going to get warmer weather soon!

  2. They say snow is on it's way here, too. I am so far beyond tired of winter. *sigh*

    Your pepper plants are lovely! Thank you for tossing in a few summery pictures at the end to give us all hope that winter will soon be behind us.

    Isn't the Barn Hop the greatest way to meet new ladies?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog via Homestead Barn Hop. I'm enjoying having a look around yours!