Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not What You Plan For...

Few, if any of us go through life depending on a lottery winning to come our way.  If something of this sort of magnitude does come into our lives however, everyday folk such as ourselves look upon such things as blessings, or miracles.  No we did not win the lottery, we rarely ever buy a ticket anyway!

What did come our way was a unique opportunity filled with hope and opportunity.  We signed a three-year agreement as caretakers of a neighbor's property.  What this means is that we can pop the family out of the tiny cabin we built and move into a much larger home.  By doing this we are able to fix up and complete the cabin in preparation for sale or lease.  We owe a friend and need to sell it.  We do not know where we will be exactly after three years, but we simply must take each day one at a time.  The possibilities are endless.  If something as amazing as this has happened to us, why not view the future with equal optimism?

We are still living within the same mountain community and still enjoying the beauty surrounding us.  We and our neighbor are mutually benefiting from this arrangement and I am humbled by their trust in us.

The light in this house is crisp and beautiful.

A luxurious tub!

Their kitchen is about the same size as our living room is at the cabin!

A whole dinning room without encroaching into the living room!  What a novelty!  It's a relief not to have to live on top of ourselves.  We can do school work, and still have lunches at the bar without having to clean up before eating!  Multi-tasking is easier when you don't have to be ultra concerned about clearing one thing away before doing another thing!  Don't know if I'll enjoy such luxury in the future, but I'm gonna enjoy this while I can!

The owners took out the central heating and installed this pellet stove.  It actually heats the entire house!

Here you see the barn and the solar arrays (far right).  This solar system is GREAT!  Both arrays are on trackers which increases the solar input.  Miracle Worker isn't here right now but I think this system averages something like 11 kwh/day 30 kwh/day!  Needless to say, the batteries are not beaten up since they never run low!

One of the challenges I will face this summer is the installation of a garden.  Either way, homesteading is still our goal and requirement for more sustainable and healthy living.  It will be an adventure to be sure!  What's the old saying?  "Life is what happens to you while you're making plans!"  And what a blessed life it is!

Update 1/23/11: now that hubby is home he corrected my guess on the 11 kwh per day!  Even better, ay?

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  1. What an amazing opportunity and look at the size of those rooms. How nice. So happy for you and your family. What a blessing!