Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Little Gardening Inspiration

As I was visiting Lorie over at Gotta Dig It I was inspired by this photo of carrots in a clay pot.

Don't these look wonderful?

You can find more inspiration here at Reasons for Building Your Own Container Garden

What inspired me the most about this was how this may actually prevent the bunnies from just hoping over and nibbling at anything their furry noses come in contact with at ground level.  Maybe I'm just exercising wishful thinking, but I want to think that it might mean too much work for them to rear-up and nose around in the pot.  The reason I was thinking this was that last time I grew carrots, they simply gnawed at the carrot shoulders.  They didn't seem to bother with the greenery and they seem to me to be lazy foragers, going for delicacies that entice them at nose level.  I don't know, but it's worth a try!  Not only that, but I can start the seeds indoors and simply place the pot outside when the weather permits!

Yeah, I'm inspired!

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  1. Containers work for me here in the suburbs with the city dwelling rabbits. They don't touch my container gardens, but they have been known to completely devour my purple cone flowers so successfully that you would never even know I planted them.