Monday, June 7, 2010

How it All Began

Why not?  That sums up our ongoing adventure.  In 2002 we were living in the suburbs as newly-weds, working "normal" jobs.  Our family welcomed our first son in 2004.  My husband wanted a less stressful job.  I suggested solar.  He fit right in by starting his own solar installation business.  All of his previous experience made it a perfect choice.

Working for yourself is a roller coaster ride like no other.  You depend entirely on your self motivation and the availability of work.  As we began the fledgling business it became evident that we needed to sell our humble abode.  We had already put money down on a 40 acre parcel of raw land 60 miles from the nearest stores and gas stations.  The thought came to us, "Why not sell the house, temporarily move into a fifth-wheel, and eventually move out to the property?"  We bought the land not really knowing we would be living on the property within two years!

So, we sold our home, moved into a fifth-wheel with our eight month old son and my six year old step son.  Our second son together rounded out our family in 2006.  I, with our two day old, two year old, and six year old joined my husband out on the property permanently.

And that, my friends, marks the beginning of a very new, unpredictable adventure....

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