Friday, July 15, 2011

Bees and Whatnots

I am constantly amazed at the sheer numbers of bees in the garden.  The majority appear to be honey bees.  I am positive no one around here keeps any hives.  After reading up on bees and seeing how many we have volunteering in the garden, I would love to keep a couple of hives!

Take a look at these favorite pollinators...

I go out in the morning to begin the watering cycle, and I hear this general humming sound.  I couldn't quite place the sound, so I walk around listening.  I look up at the corn and realize the number of bees all over the corn and any other bloom in the garden combine to create this overall hummmmm!  It's got me fascinated with these hard workers.

They are tireless!

They're everywhere!
Here, the Catnip also attracts them!

 And the Zinnias.

Other beauty in the garden.
I am thrilled with the Dill.  And it's about to bloom!  Already!

A cute radish!

Pretty corn silk.

First wave of bush beans look promising.

And my two grapes!
They need a trellis...soooooo... I'm going to try my hand at building one for each one, joining them with a length forming a 'roof' for a nice sitting area!
I'm visualizing a nice bright color to complement the pretty leaves and making it an inviting focal point in the garden.  I'll be sure to give ya' all an update on that upcoming project!

Until next time, happy gardening, farming, and Farmgirl Friday blog hopping!
Thank you Deborah Jean for your gracious hosting!


  1. It is wonderful that you have so many little pollinators.

    Dad used to have hives.

  2. I love your garden and the Bee's. Your garden is impressive given your dry climate. I can relate; I cut my gardening teeth on high desert clay and rock. I remember renting an auger to plant a tree once too! Thank goodness, I was a younger farmgirl then, cuz all I have to do now is sink a shovel in the ground and I'm good to go... soil here is very sandy! I always enjoy my visits to your homestead in the desert... Makes me feel less homesick! You go girl! Thanks for your note today too!
    Take care,

  3. Your garden looks wonderful.
    So many bees-- we had lots too. Don't know much about bees. For keeping.
    But know they are great for pollinating the garden flowers and plants.
    I hope your grapes do well. Ours did well for a few seasons... but died. But I'm not here to *wine*...he he he.

    take care, happy gardening! Pat

  4. I had this wonderful reply written to your comment on my post. Alas, you use no reply comment in your emails so...

    Happy a wonderful day.

  5. Design(top right of page) Settings, at the bottom of this page type your email in comment notification email. I think that is what allows me to reply. If not, we will try something else. I am computer impaired, too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. PS On this same page, you can mark registered users, and no word verification, blog has improved so much spam does not get through anymore.

    Play with it, that is the only way I learned the little I know.

  7. Love, love, love your garden photos!

  8. Love your bee pictures! We finally had to move the birdbath from the back yard into the garden to get the bees to quit hanging out in the back yard with the lavender and the vitex and do their job pollinating the garden! :)