Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Back-Side of My Dream...

If you recall, I posted about an amazing ranch, which I fell in love with, here.  Then, just about two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to see the northern-most side of that ranch.  "My" ranch butts up against the Diamond Bar Ranch which grants access to the Hualapai Indian tribe's Grand Canyon Skywalk. 

Miracle Worker's truck was in the shop, so the only way he could get out to do his job on the Diamond Bar was to have the whole family go with him.  We dropped him off at the road grader, and the kids and I struck out on our own to explore the area.  We had about 5 hours to kill, afterall!

This is a shot I took on the way out towards the Skywalk.  You can see the geological similarities to the Grand Canyon.

After arriving at the parking lot for the Skywalk, I realized we were still at least a couple of miles from the rim of the canyon.  It became clear the way everything was designed, that there was no way of anyone getting a glimpse of anything without paying for their shuttle and entry into the skywalk.  Unwilling to fork out any money in this fashion, we turned back on the 10 miles to the Diamond Bar.

We arrived at the Diamond Bar's "Grand Canyon Ranch," which hosts visitors by giving them opportunities for horseback riding, wagon rides, lunches and dinner at their little restaurant, and so on.  One of the kids' happy discoveries was this little coy 'pond.'

Then they discovered the ultimate fun, a swing in a nice old tree!

 Here's a view of the mesas, the teepees visitors may sleep in and a helicopter returning from the Skywalk.

Elsewhere on the ranch, a wagon lazily rolls by.

 The desert is such a dynamic place with an equally exciting history.  I already live in this general area, but I don't get to see everything (there's so much!).  So while it's sometimes difficult to appreciate where you are all the time, I can still feel the romance of the desert.  I am always ready to throw on a backpack, hike an unknown trail (usually a wildlife trail) to see where it leads, sleep on the ground under the stars beside my dying camp fire, while I anticipate the next day's discoveries.

In fact, since I have kids, and they're starting to get old enough, I think we need to do that soon!  I'll just have to wait to do it by myself when they're grown.  Until then, I'll teach them to use an old fashioned map and compass, what supplies to take with them, and how to appreciate the wild world around them.

I can hardly wait!


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely day. I agree kids need to see the beauty thats all around them and enjoy being out in the wide open spaces. I know you will enjoy every minute of it all. God Bless

  2. Our kids LOVE to hike, so yes, absolutely take them!! You will be amazed at how interested they can become in all that's natural--we were. We thought we'd just amuse them for a while, but they took to it like a duck to water. Definitely go! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. Loved this post! Yes! Get out and discover... we did so much of that when ours were small and full of wonder...You're the perfect one to share it with them! Oh, I just love your desert photos!